How to Connect to #GeekSpeak

If you are not familiar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat), please check this link for a brief description.

In order to connect to #GeekSpeak, you need an IRC Client (a program) installed on your computer. There are several clients available, for different operating systems. If you use Windows, mIRC is probably the best client for you.

After you have installed the IRC client software on your computer, run the software and check the help menu to find out how to connect to an IRC server. The #GeekSpeak server is located at:

It uses the default port (port 6667). If you cannot figure out how to configure your IRC client to use the #GeekSpeak server, then use your IRC client to connect to any IRC server (whatever the default is). Once you are connected to some IRC server, type the command:


This will either disconnect you from the server that you are currently connected to, and connect you to the #GeekSpeak server, OR it will open a new window in which you will be connected to the #GeekSpeak server.

Once you are connected to the #GeekSpeak server, use the menu in your IRC client to join a channel. Type in the channel name #GeekSpeak. If you cannot figure out how to join a channel, wait until you are connected to the #GeekSpeak server, then type the command:

/join #GeekSpeak

You will then be connected to the channel #GeekSpeak.

If you prefer to use the Undernet instead of the private #GeekSpeak server, please connect to any Undernet server and join the channel #GeekSpeak. You may find that you are the only one on the channel, except for someone called HAL9001, who will message you when you join. Please note that HAL9001 is a bot (a computer program), and not a person. The function of the bot is to act as a relay between the #GeekSpeak channel on the private IRC server ( and the #GeekSpeak channel on the Undernet. Whatever you type in the #GeekSpeak channel on the Undernet will be seen by people on the private server, and vice-versa. HAL9001 is the conduit for this relay.

Since most people prefer to join the channel through the private server, you may find yourself alone on the channel (except for HAL9001) if you join #GeekSpeak on the Undernet. That doesn't mean you are really alone, there may be a number of people on the channel on the other side of the relay. To see who else is on the channel, type the command:

.list H

on the channel (note that the command starts with a period, and that "H" is uppercase). This will show you who else is on channel through the private server. You may talk to them simply by typing in the channel window.