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This is the home page for the IRC channel #GeekSpeak. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is an interactive medium for talking to people online through your computer. You can find out how to connect to #GeekSpeak by clicking here. #GeekSpeak is owned by Pankaj Saxena.

The channel is a meeting place for Objectivists, and people interested in Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. While discussions on philosophy are always welcome, the channel does live up to its name, and conversations often cover a variety of subjects, including current events, science, computers, psychology, or just about anything else that people are interested in. It is not meant to be a forum for the study of Objectivism; it's function is mainly social, offering people the opportunity to interact with others who share their interest in Objectivism.

You do not have to be an Objectivist to visit the channel or to take part in discussions. However, we do have certain requirements, such as:

In general, it is not the purpose of this channel to teach Objectivism to anyone. If you are interested in Objectivism, there is no better source than Ayn Rand's own writings. Check the Ayn Rand Institute web site for other resources on learning about Objectivism.

Brief History of #GeekSpeak

#GeekSpeak began in 1994, as a channel on the Undernet network of IRC servers. It was started by Pankaj Saxena and Tom Wright. In 1995, the channel moved to a private IRC server (irc.hypermall.com), where it has remained until the present. The channel still maintains a presence on the Undernet through an IRC-Bot link.

In 1995, the channel began hosting scheduled discussions on Friday evenings. The topics were chosen for their interest to an Objectivist audience, and included discussions of philosophy, psychology and current events (politics). These discussions continued more or less regularly over the next four years. Logs of previous discussions may be found here. Eventually, the scheduled discussions came to an end, as the channel founders graduated, found jobs, and free time became scarce.

The channel continues to function with many of the old time channel regulars, as well as several others who have joined over the years.

In March 2003, Tom Wright ended his ownership of the channel. #GeekSpeak is now solely owned by Pankaj Saxena. Tom continues to visit the channel on occasion, and we are grateful to him for almost 9 years of support.

The #GeekSpeak IRC server is located in Denver, and is hosted by Forethought.Net, an excellent ISP and Web Hosting provider.

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